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Horacio Parravicini & Matej Zupan in concert with Trieste Flute Ensemble

II° Trieste Flute Festival 2019 – Horacio Parravicini and Matej Zupan in concert with Trieste Flute Ensemble.

Trieste Flute Festival 2019

Trieste Flute Festival, dedicated to Guido Novello. December 6-8, 2019 in Trieste, Italy. Guest Artists: Francesca Seri, Horacio Parravicini, Monica Finco, Charina Quintana, Matej Zupan

GUIDO NOVELLO, flutist (Venezia – Venezia 1988). Guido Novello studied with Silvio Clerici (1st flute of Italian Radio Broadcasting Orchestra). Novello was considered one of the best international flutists by great composers and conductors. He played for thirty years as Principal flute in the Venezia Teatro “La Fenice” Orchestra and was invited many times to play in the same role by “la Scala” di Milano, by the Italian Radio Orchestra of Torino and also by H. von Karajan with the Berliner Philharmoniker, but he prefered to remain in his beloved Venezia. He was also the first soloist flute at the Biennale Musica of Venice. Novello gave many and many concerts as soloist in Italy and abroad. He taught many years at the Trieste and Venice Conservatoires. His principal students have been Giorgio Blasco (now he teaches flute at Triest Conservatoire) and Monica Finco (flute teacher at Venice Conservatoire).

Recital on October 5, 2018 at Trieste Flute Festival

TRIESTE FLUTE FESTIVAL: October 5 at 17:00 Recital of Horacio Parravicini (Spain), Giorgio Di Giorgi (Italy) and Sara Radin (Italy). Music of Franz Doppler and Giorgio Blasco. Introduction of Maestro Giorgio Blasco

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